St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish . Madison, Wisconsin
We, the faith community of Saint Thomas Aquinas, united with the Church throughout the world, are called by God to bring the Good News of the Gospel into the life of our community.
We strive to serve each other in a spirit of compassion and love, and to enhance justice, peace and healing in our midst.
We strive also, through our common prayer and worship with the Lord who nourishes us, to enable the gifts of the Spirit to emerge from each one of us and become more fully the disciples of Christ.
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Councils and Commissions

Pastoral Council

This is an elected and appointed collaborative body, which serves as the chief advisors to the pastor and works on a consensus basis that involves all members in deliberations. The council is called to vision the future of the parish and recommend areas of development. It serves as the primary body of lay leadership, and all other councils, commissions, and ministries flow from it.

Finance Council

This is an appointed collaborative body which serves as chief advisors to the pastor on parish financial matters and works on a consensus basis that involves all members in its work. Areas of responsibility are parish budget, stewardship development, education endowment, and the yearly review of parish finances.

Education Commission

This is an appointed, collaborative body whose primary responsibility is to assist the pastoral staff in its mission to provide opportunities for faith formation for all age groups within the parish. Specific tasks include discerning the strengths, as well as the needs, of the parish community; engaging in the process of strategic planning; and fostering collaborative relationships with other parish leadership bodies.

Human Concerns Commission

This is a group of parish members who seek to witness to the Gospel message through outreach ministries. They assess and help meet the spiritual, social, and economic needs of others by serving our brothers and sisters in the parish, the community, and beyond.

Stewardship Commission

Members of this group work to encourage the parish community to actively live out stewardship, primarily through their time and talents. It is our goal that each parish member understands his/her role as a disciple of Jesus Christ and lives out that discipleship with active participation in parish ministries. To that end, we work to connect parishioners with the various ministries within and outside the parish.