St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish . Madison, Wisconsin
We, the faith community of Saint Thomas Aquinas, united with the Church throughout the world, are called by God to bring the Good News of the Gospel into the life of our community.
We strive to serve each other in a spirit of compassion and love, and to enhance justice, peace and healing in our midst.
We strive also, through our common prayer and worship with the Lord who nourishes us, to enable the gifts of the Spirit to emerge from each one of us and become more fully the disciples of Christ.

May, The Month of Mary

May has traditionally been a month which is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. If you want to make this month special in your own home, you can visit this website to find suggestions for every day of the month. 

In 2006, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI explained our devotion to Mary this way:

“In the days that followed the Lord’s Resurrection, the Apostles stayed together, comforted by Mary’s presence, and after the Ascension they persevered with her in prayerful expectation of Pentecost.  Our Lady was a mother and teacher to them, a role that she continues to play for Christians of all times.  . . . this month . . . helps us to rediscover the maternal role that she plays in our lives so that we may always be docile disciples and courageous witnesses of the Risen Lord.”

Daily prayers can change our lives! They are literally a divine conversation that builds a fuller relationship with God and a stronger relationship with those we pray for. All May after the 8:00 AM Mass, one of our parish families will lead us in the prayer of the Rosary, one of the best-known Marian prayers. If you are not sure how to pray the Rosary, your can find a guide at

Next Sunday, May 7, after the 10 AM Mass, we will celebrate May Crowning, a traditional Catholic devotion in which we show love and honor for our Blessed Mother through hymns, prayers, and flowers.